Answers to the most popular questions about Casumo

The question and answer section (Casumo FAQ) is especially popular with players since it provides basic information about the functions of the service. Reading FAQ in advance is your guaranteed chance for successful betting and gambling!

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The most popular reasons for contacting the FAQ section of the Casumo platform

Despite its long presence in the global betting market, certain sections of Casumo raise several questions for players. These include:

Obtaining quality information provides error-free use of the service.

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Top Popular Questions

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How can a user make a deposit?

To deposit funds to the account, the player must do several simple steps. These include:

  • Under the main navigation, go to “Balance”;
  • Specify the method you are using;
  • Write the amount;
  • Confirm the action and wait!

Currently, methods include Visa, Skrill, Neteller, EcoBanq, AstroPay Card, Ecopayz, NetBanking, PhonePE, GooglePay, or Paytm.

In what timeframe are the funds received at withdrawal?

Casumo guarantees each player fast withdrawals. As a rule, the request itself is processed within 72 hours or less. It all depends on the method you choose. In the case of NetBanking, it is possible to wait up to 5 working days.

What kinds of support services are available?

To resolve technical issues and errors, each player should contact the company by e-mail at [email protected] The response time is every day of the week.

What are the ways to create a personal account?

To create a personal account, click on the “Register” button, which is located in the general menu on the left side. Don’t forget about getting a welcome gift.

What does a player need to do when unable to create a personal account?

First of all, make sure that the data you entered is correct. As a rule, this error occurs when the e-mail is already linked to a page. In this case, click “I forgot my password” and restore access. If you can’t create an account for other reasons, contact support.

What to do in case the deposit is failed to pass?

In this case, you need to contact the company’s support team. In case you don’t want to wait a long time for an answer, perform the following actions yourself:

  1. Make sure that the information you entered is correct;
  2. Reload the page;
  3. Log in to your personal account using a different browser;
  4. Contact your bank about the possibility of card activity.

What should the user do in case of non-receipt of funds to the account?

In this case, first, take a screenshot confirming the deposit. Next, contact the company via support. They will establish the fact of the error directly on the platform or in your chosen method.

Are there any fees or collection percentages when making a deposit?

All payment operations on the Casumo platform are free of charge.

How long does it take for the money to reach the player’s account?

For the player to immediately start betting on sports or casino games, the platform has developed an instant cash flow to the personal account.

How to withdraw money from Casumo?

To withdraw funds, do the following steps:

  1. Click on the money icon in the main menu;
  2. Select the withdrawal method;
  3. Enter the amount;
  4. Confirm the action.

Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal amount is INR 1000.

What methods can a player use to withdraw funds?

The company is keeping up with current trends. As a consequence, you will be able to use an e-wallet (Skrill, Neteller, EcoBanq, AstroPay Card, Ecopayz, or NetBanking) to withdraw funds.

What should a user do if he cannot withdraw money from the platform?

First of all, do not panic. Next, it is necessary to check the information entered in the boxes. If everything is correct, you can try to refresh the page or change the browser. In the end, everyone has the right to contact the support service.

Are there any commissions for withdrawing funds from the Casumo platform?

No, there are not. All payment transactions are completely free of charge.

What is meant by the word “bonus” on the Casumo platform?

In this case, you as a user can receive various gifts (bonuses). These include free spins and extra money for games. The type and size of the bonus depend on various factors, so be sure to research this issue before using it.

How can players increase the speed of the game if it is slow?

First, check the version of your browser as well as Flash. After that, make sure that you have the Internet and a connection to it. If not, contact the company’s support service.

How can the user solve the problem if the game freezes in the middle of a match?

In this case, the following function is installed: when you re-enter, the game will start from where it stopped. In any case, keep track of it and do not close it for long. The match may end in your absence, and the winnings will be credited to your account.

What is the reason for the game not opening?

The main reason may be the loss of connection to the server. In this case, you should refresh the page or check your Internet connection.

How can a player take a screenshot?

This question usually arises in the process of solving a problem when one needs the visual representation of evidence. The screenshot is saved as a file on your gadget. The platform does not block this feature on phones or tablets, so you can seamlessly make it.

Are money transactions on the Casumo platform safe?

Yes, that is correct. All the money transactions are securely encrypted, in other words, they cannot be shared or read by anyone.

How is the legality of Casumo regulated?

Activities are carried out based on several licenses from Malta and the UK.

How to bet on Casumo Sports?

The list of actions is easy for everyone to understand. You will need to open the Sports section and specify the desired sport, match, or event, and the market odds. To confirm the action, click on the button “Place bet”.

What are the lower and upper betting limits?

The minimum is INR 1, the maximum depends on the type of bet.

What types of bets are available on the Casumo platform?

For the most interest, you can place single, combo, and system bets.

What does Cash Out include?

In this case, you have the right to close your bet at any convenient time. Feature – even when the match is not yet over.

Are there any wagering requirements with cash-out bets?

No, there are not.

What is meant by Bet Builder?

This feature allows players to create their bet on an event.

Is it possible for a player to cancel a bet made by mistake?

No, because every player is personally responsible for the actions performed on the platform. Once the operation is confirmed, it cannot be undone. In this question, try to use Cash Out.

Do the coefficients change or remain the same throughout use?

All coefficients are subject to increase or decrease based on various factors. This makes the games more exciting!

What is a Live bet or an In-Play bet?

Under these terms are disclosed bets that are placed on an event at the time it takes place.

What should a player do if a bet is annulled?

This measure can be applied in connection with the postponement of the game, and technical errors. The amount of the bet will return to your account.

Are there free bets on the Casumo platform?

Yes, there are. The company places the bet and keeps your winnings.

What types of free bets exist at Casumo?

You can use blocked free bets as well as unblocked.